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e-Post Squeak and Rattle 4 Post

Roehrig Add on Spring Rater

Understanding the internals of a damper

Dynamometer help!
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Video Help Page for Shock Dyno
This page will help with training,
give FAQ's to issues about software
as well as examples of how to!

Shock/Damper Testing Equipment
Know What the Shocks Are Doing!
Know What the Changes Mean!

Spring Testing Equipment
Go Beyond Static Testing!
Know Your Dynamic Spring Rate!
See Rate Variations During Deflection!
Test your Bump Rubbers!

Electromagnetic Linear Actuation
Servo hydraulic Performance!
Low Cost, Low Maintenance!
Linear actuator Plays Track Data!

Leasing Available
2VS for $190 / Month!
 Call for details.

Made to order mobile testing facility

Electro-Magnetic Multi-Post Systems
the e-Post

Clean    Green   Efficient
electric 4 Post Squeak and Rattle Dynamic testing rig

Low Audible Noise Actuator System

The system for isolating the damper noise from the machine.


Rotating Dyno System:

The system for testing horizontal and vertical dampers.

3 HP

The 3HP is a more powerful version of our popular 2VS.  With the extra hp, you can pull the tie-down fronts on your late model.

the 3HP:
New from Roehrig

   * automated crossbar for raising and lowering the upper mounting plate

* self-clamping feature to make the machine more hands-free
   * It also incorporates auto cooling with integrated air-knives directed at each individual specimen

   * can be configured to run 1 - 2 - 3 or 4 dampers at a time

* uses Roehrig Engineering's DLT: durability Life Testing software

Come and see what we can do for your Durability testing.

Introducing the 6,000 lb (27kN)
- 8 meter / second
- 18 in (450 mm)
Electro Magnetic Linear Actuator

Designed with the motorcycle and Rally
industries in mind.


Upcoming trade shows:

Parts Peddler - Syracuse, NY
November 22-24, 2013

Performance Racing Industry - Indy
Booth 3606
December 12-14, 2013


Roehrig Engineering develops better low speed performance for bleed characterization of the damper

     EMA ePost Actuators


* Roehrig Engineering now makes
Motorcycle and Bicycle adapters? 
 Clevis Page


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