Clevis and Fixtures


Our standard Rod End clevises (1/2" - 3/8" - 5/16") come in varying sizes to fit your damper rod end: Clevis Sizes         Assembly



Our Universal is a very simple tapered end fit to use with many different eyelet diameters: Universal       Assembly




Our C-Clamp clevis is designed to fit the circular steel end, varying sizes available: C-Clamp              C-Clamp Assembly




Our Stud Type system is designed for the threaded end of the damper: Thread Insert     

Our Rotor Damper clevis, used with our Helicopter testing systems: Rotor Damper Clevis        Clevis Assembly




Motor Cycle / Bicycle Fixtures for Tubes, Forks and Offset Axles


Bicycle / Motorcycle Tube Fixture- 64 MM - with additional Reducing Sleeves available:  Tube Clamp    Assembly


Bicycle Fork Axle Fixture with adjustable offsets - 26mm to 47mm: Fork Axle

M/C Front Fork with three standard offsets, 0 - 32 and 35mm: Front Fork


Resevoir Option

Also for Moto-cross rear shocks w/piggyback reservoir (KYB / Showa) where a universal clevises won’t work due to piggyback reservoir:

For use with 3/8" pin and brass button

 Reservoir Option
Motocross bottom Fork

 Allow user to separately mount motorcycle fork inner cartridge assembly into Roehrig damper dyno.  Threaded collars thread onto the fork cartridge which allow the assembly to be clamped securely into clevis clamps that are attached to the machine.  Threaded collars are available in a variety of sizes for popular sizes.  

( Use in conjunction with Bicycle / Motorcycle Tube Fixture )

Motorcycle Fork Inner Cartridge Clamp fixture  Clamp Fixture

Motorcycle Fork Inner Cartridge Clevises  Threaded collars




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